Average Cost of a Honeymoon: How to Plan Your Budget Well? 


Planning a wedding comes with an incredible thrill but also with an abundance of stress. On top of that, it is quite expensive, which can additionally make you anxious. So, you probably look forward to your honeymoon, when you will truly relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere in a relaxing environment. However, honeymoons can be expensive, meaning you must plan your budget carefully. One way to do so is to discover the average cost of a honeymoon along with all the factors that affect the prices. 


In this blog, we have discussed honeymoon trips in different parts of the world along with their average costs. Moreover, we have included a list of things you should take into account when planning your honeymoon budget. Once you go through the blog, you will be able to create a perfect agenda that meets all your requirements and needs and have an unforgettable romantic getaway!

Key Takeaways

What does a Honeymoon cost?

In general, a honeymoon costs around $4,500 per couple. Nonetheless, this price varies depending on your choices. Namely, it is affected by the country you pick and the type of trip you sign up for. You can have an adventurous getaway or a relaxing retreat, each of which comes at a different price. Moreover, you can opt for a luxurious honeymoon, ranging from $15,000 to $30,000. 


What Does an All Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoon Cost?

You can expect to pay around $5,000 to $10,000, but you should count on increasing these numbers if you go for the luxurious ones. When you pick an all-inclusive resort, you should also consider the location because it affects the price significantly.


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What Is The Average Honeymoon Cost?


Curacao Honeymoon


Before you start planning your honeymoon, you need to determine what exactly you want and how you imagine it. Some couples opt for exotic destinations with paradise-like beaches ideal for relaxing after a stressful wedding planning period. Others go for adventurous trips filled with exciting tours and thrilling explorations. Remember that you can choose whatever you want, meaning it does not have to be super romantic or relaxing. There are numerous options, and you can choose whatever suits your taste. 


However, when it comes to the average cost of a honeymoon, you will need to think of several basic things, such as food, accommodation, and traveling fees. These are the features that every trip requires. Then, you have to think about other details that will make your honeymoon complete. These things include different kinds of activities that will make your trip special and memorable. 


Once you determine everything you want for your honeymoon, the next thing is to discover how much all of that will cost. You may desire many things, but your budget might not agree with them. Therefore, you should look into the typical honeymoon costs to plan everything properly. 


In general, a honeymoon costs around $4,500 per couple. Nonetheless, this price varies depending on your choices. Namely, it is affected by the country you pick and the type of trip you sign up for. You can have an adventurous getaway or a relaxing retreat, each of which comes at a different price. Moreover, you can opt for a luxurious honeymoon, ranging from $15,000 to $30,000. 


We will look into separate factors that affect the costs to get a more precise estimate. This way, you can obtain a clearer average cost of a honeymoon and start planning your budget successfully.


Average Cost of a Honeymoon in The US 


The US boasts magnificent honeymoon destinations. Considering that the States are pretty versatile, you can find something for every taste. That is, you can either plan a romantic or an adventurous honeymoon and decide on a budget-friendly or a luxurious trip. 


Since there are so many options, it is difficult to determine the exact estimate of the prices. For instance, one popular honeymoon destination is Colorado, where the average cost for a room per night is around $150. The prices will vary depending on how many days you want to stay and the type of accommodation you choose. But you can expect to remain on the budget because Colorado offers more affordable options. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for something more glamorous, such as New York, Los Angeles, or Disney World, you should prepare to pay more. These destinations are some of the most popular in the world. Therefore, higher prices are expected. For example, hotels in these cities are about $200 to $250 per night, referring to those considered affordable for these places.


Average Cost of a Honeymoon in Europe 


Europe is one of the most desired honeymoon destinations, especially for US citizens. The continent is known for majestic countries, rich cultures, and unique traditions, so many couples want to explore them for their honeymoon. Exploring Europe is, undoubtedly, a great way to continue the bridal festivities and celebrate your marriage.


Nonetheless, the average cost of a honeymoon in Europe depends on how many countries you want to see and what kind of activities you want to experience. Also, the price can vary depending on the time you stay there. 


On average, European honeymoons range from $15,000 to $25,000. Many people get discouraged from going here for their honeymoon when they see these estimates. However, there is a way to cut costs and choose a cheaper option. For instance, you can shorten your trip or opt for cheaper accommodations. Europe has plenty of Airbnb options in amazing locations, so you can certainly find something to meet your budget requirements.


Average Cost of a Honeymoon in The Caribbean


Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica – the private islands and overwater bungalows are here

The Caribbean is another well-known destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways. The islands offer spectacular surroundings and breathtaking landscapes, making them ideal options for special occasions. But they can be pricey if you want to get all the luxurious offerings of the Caribbean


On average, a week in the Caribbean can be around $5,000. However, the honeymoon cost can significantly increase if you want to stay in sophisticated hotels and resorts. Most of the luxury hotels offer their rooms at $1,000 per night. We are talking about those opulent accommodations with exceptional amenities that can provide you with anything you may need. 


But this does not mean that the Caribbean does not offer more affordable choices. Namely, there are so many destinations, such as Jamaica, where you can have a wonderful time, revel in gorgeous settings, and enjoy low prices. Some hotels in Jamaica offer a stay for $100 per night. This means that you can still get the chance to enjoy paradise-like features even without the luxurious hotels.


Average Cost of a Honeymoon in Africa 


If you are a couple who strives for a little bit of adventure, you should definitely consider Africa. The continent is home to fascinating countries with astonishing landscapes and miraculous views. Plus, you can choose from many versatile activities, making your honeymoon genuinely unforgettable. 


There are many affordable choices, meaning you can find accommodations for really good prices. On average, people spend around $3,000 for one week in Africa, which is quite a sensible amount for a pleasant trip. 


However, if you desire to make your honeymoon more dynamic and exciting, you can sign up for an African safari. A safari honeymoon is a great idea, which will give you the chance to explore different kinds of surroundings, see things you cannot see anywhere else in the world, and make authentic memories. It is a fantastic type of vacation with one downside – the cost. Generally, safari adventures cost more than regular journeys, so you will need to set a higher budget if you want this kind of honeymoon.


Average Cost of a Honeymoon in Asia 


If you are looking for the most diverse option for honeymoon destinations, all roads lead to Asia. The continent offers some of the most versatile countries in the world – from Tokyo’s majestic urban surroundings to Thailand’s natural bliss. Asia comes with different cultures and traditions, each unique for itself. It is one of the continents in the world that can give you an authentic experience and unforgettable moments. 


Since there are so many different options, it is difficult to determine the typical honeymoon cost for Asia. Generally, the prices for Asia honeymoons range from $3,000 to $15,000. Some countries are quite pricey, while others are significantly affordable. The great thing about a honeymoon in Asia is that you get to pick the country that satisfies all your needs, including your budget. 


Whatever country you decide to visit and explore will not be a mistake because the continent is home to many miraculous treasures. Starting from paradise-like beaches to modern architecture, Asia has something for everyone! 


What Is The Average Cost of All-Inclusive Honeymoons?


Sandals Grenada

If your idea of a honeymoon is solely to enjoy without leaving the hotel, then you may want to opt for all-inclusive options. There are so many gorgeous resorts around the world that offer expansive areas of features and amenities, meaning you will have everything in one place. Plus, so many romantic accommodations are tailored to suit the needs of honeymooners.


Usually, all-inclusive resorts are huge, and they have an abundance of options when it comes to restaurants, bars, pools, and so on. Moreover, some luxurious ones will provide you with the greatest amenities you could ever imagine. With that said, the prices vary greatly. 


You can expect to pay around $5,000 to $10,000, but you should count on increasing these numbers if you go for the luxurious ones. When you pick an all-inclusive resort, you should also consider the location because it affects the price significantly. However, you should also remember that your honeymoon happens once in a lifetime, so paying a little bit more in such a case might be justified. 


How To Plan Your Honeymoon Budget? 


Like it or not, your planning does not finish with the wedding. If you want a memorable honeymoon, you will have to create a good plan, taking into account all the factors that affect the success of your romantic trip. When you want to know the average cost of a honeymoon, you need a checklist of the things you consider necessary for a perfect journey.


So, we have created an example of a checklist you can use to make your own without missing anything. Here are some things you should include when planning your honeymoon budget.  




One of the first things you need to take into account is food. When planning your honeymoon budget, you should consider the three meals you will probably have during your trip, even though you might skip some during your trip. Considering prices for three meals a day will help you come to an estimate to help you plan your budget. 


If you go for an all-inclusive resort, you will not have to worry about spending money on food since everything will be covered by the hotel you pick. These kinds of accommodations are great when it comes to essentials like food. Couples who like convenience often pick the all-inclusive options because they do not want to be bothered with another round of planning after the wedding. 


Travel Arrangements



Another thing that affects the honeymoon cost is the traveling method you choose for your trip. If you are planning your honeymoon in high season, you should count on higher prices for flight fares. However, if you begin planning your trip early, you may find some cheap tickets and travel deals and save some money even if you travel during peak season. 




The type of accommodation you pick for your honeymoon will greatly impact your trip’s overall cost. Since it is the ultimate romantic getaway, you might want to go for the more expensive options, such as luxurious hotels. However, you can also save some money if you opt for an Airbnb or a similar option. 


If you want to get the best honeymoon experience, you may want to consider an all-inclusive resort for adults only that offers excellent deals specifically for honeymoons. You might spend a little bit more money on accommodation, but you have to bear in mind that in these kinds of resorts, you will have food and other amenities covered, meaning it is worth the cost. 


Planned Activities 


When trying to figure out the average cost of a honeymoon, ensure to count on the activities you plan to include on your trip. For instance, if you decide to go on sightseeing tours, you will need to pay for entrance tickets to different kinds of museums, galleries, or parks. On the other hand, you may want to explore different beaches, though plan on paying for sunbeds or other beach fares. 


You should not forget that some honeymoon activities you want to try might require having a car to get to them. So, consider renting one on your checklist as well. However, if you opt for an all-inclusive resort, you may have all the things handled by the hotel, so remember to explore all your options.


How to Save Money on Your Honeymoon Trip? 


After organizing a big wedding, you may not have the option to afford a big luxurious honeymoon. So, trying to stay on the budget might be necessary if you want to make your trip possible. Therefore, learning how you can save is a must. 


We have included some tips you may find useful during your planning process.


Find Accommodation That Suits Your Budget 


Every honeymoon location offers different options for hotels and other types of accommodation. If you plan to have an adventurous honeymoon with a whole bunch of activities planned, then the hotel you pick might not make a huge difference for you. In other words, you can opt for an accommodation that suits your honeymoon budget and will allow you to avoid breaking the bank.


Watch Flight Prices 


Flight fares tend to change regularly. With that in mind, you should closely monitor the prices and their changes, and hopefully, you will come across fares that suit your budget. Remember that if you plan to travel during the high season, you should book your flight sooner rather than later because prices can get relatively high as the time for your trip approaches.

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Pick a Location Close to You 


When you want to save up on honeymoon costs, picking a location close to your home is preferable. Flying across the world can undoubtedly be expensive. So, when you try to stay on a budget, a location near you will do the trick. You may find many romantic places in your country if you research. Finally, be sure to explore all your options before deciding on your destination. 


Determining the average cost of a honeymoon includes a lot of factors. If you want a good plan that will allow you to stay on a budget, you will need to create your agenda with all the elements considered. However, you should also remind yourself that this is a trip you take once in a lifetime, so spending a little bit more is entirely okay! 

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