Choosing the Perfect Time for Your Sandals Resort Getaway

If you have not been to a Sandals Resort, you are in for a real treat.  I love Sandals Resorts and have been to all of the Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  So I often get Sandals questions about the best time to go to a Sandals Resort.

First, Sandals is all inclusive, which is a big deal.  When you don’t have to pull out extra cash to drink, eat, entertain, etc. now that is what I really love about all Sandals Resorts.  Beaches Resorts, is like Sandals but for families, I go with my wife and kids all the time, and again, my kids can eat, drink and do whatever they want without it costing me hundreds of dollars over and over.

One more thing I think is really nice when it comes to Sandals Resorts is the level of service and quality you get for your vacation dollars.  All 18 Sandals resorts in the Caribbean are high quality, nicely appointed resorts.  Some other brands of resorts you might have a nice one in Jamaica, but a run down resort under the same name in the Bahamas.  Sandals is consistant across all 18 Sandals Resorts.


Best Sandals Resort Barbados

Best time to book my Sandals Resort Vacation

Ok, so now you want to go to Sandals or Beaches Resorts.  I talked you into it 🙂
Let me help you select the best time to go to Sandals Resorts.

It is important to look at these five factors:

  • Weather
  • Costs
  • Crowds
  • Months & Seasons

The Weather at Sandals Resorts

I like to go to Sandals Resorts because they are all located in the Caribbean, and I want to vacation is a sunny, warm, tropical destination.  I hate winter and cold.  And when it’s January I really want to get out of the cold and on a flight to any Sandals location.  It helps shorten the cold wet, gray, winter season and gives me a sunny, happy, all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean.

Weather Matters

Now just because you are in the Caribbean and you think it’s going to be sunny and dry and warm all year round.  Let me tell you about the wet and dry seasons in the Caribbean so you can better plan the perfect time to take your vacation.

The Wet Season in the Caribbean is June until November.  A lot of the Caribbean Island have Rain Forests and beautiful dark lush tropical plants.  That’s because when it rains, it really rains.  So if you are training during the wet season be prepared for rain storms.  There are also hurricanes to watch out for during this same time period and I was literally just at a Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos with my family during a Category 4 Hurricane.

Here is a quick video of the hurricane with my family.  Beaches Resorts did a fantastic job and the resort was pretty much back and running the following day.



The good thing about the wet Caribbean season is that the showers are usually brief  and happen mostly in the later afternoon and evening.  I actually find it kind of nice to see the storms roll in and get the real tropical rain forest vibe, then moments later I’m back in the beach like it never happened.

Caribbean Dry Season

The Dry season in the Caribbean is December until May.  If you want to have more predictable weather then these are the months I would select for your Sandals vacation.  The weather is sunny, warm, and dry.  Now Sandals does have resorts in the Bahamas and that is pretty much like Florida weather.  I have been to the Sandals Resorts in January and it can be a little chillie if it’s also cold in Florida at the same time.  Also the pools are not heated and the pools can be cool in the Sandals Bahama resorts during the winter months.

With the better weather also comes higher vacation crowd levels.  So you might see higher resort prices on Sandals Resort rooms during the dry season.

Insider Tip:  Look at some of the newer Sandals Resorts or less known Sandals Resorts because these resorts can often have special offers to get you to book them.

Again I want to make sure that you understand that going during the more popular times, like the dry season in the Caribbean, means you will also pay a premium on your Sandals Resort room and also larger crowds.


Let me show you exactly what I mean about the costs of your Sandals Resort vacation.

Here are two quotes I did for Sandals Barbados.  I selected the entry level room category (Luxury Room) with a pool view.  

Sandals Barbados Price July 1-7 2024


Sandals Resort Barbados Prices



Now I priced the exact same room at Sandals Barbados for January 2025.
Look at the price difference just based on when you choose to go on your Sandals Resort vacation.  Again this is the same room category (Luxury Level) at the same Sandals resort.


You save almost $2,000 just by changing your travel dates on this Sandals Barbados room example.  You can look at the latest Sandals resort prices here for yourself and play around with different travel dates.

Again your Peak Season for Sandals Resorts is (Mid-December to Mid-April).  This is during the winter and just like I love to get out of the cold and head to a tropical Sandals resort, so does everyone else.  You will see higher room rates due to the increased travel demand during the winter months.

If price is a major deciding factor on your Sandals vacation I would look at room rates during off peak months: (Late May to September).  You just need to remember that this is when it can be rainy and also hurricane season for the Caribbean.

If you want to do the middle of the road the Shoulder Season is: (Late April to Mid-May and October to Mid-December, excluding Thanksgiving week).  . During these months you can find some lower Sandals resort room prices and also moderate to low flight prices.

Speaking of flights, that is an important cost.  Because flight prices change by season and also by Caribbean Island.  Some Sandals Resorts or located close to the US.  Like the two Sandals resorts in the Bahamas.  Sandals Royal Bahamian can make for a quick extended weekend vacation just because how close it is to Florida.  But Sandals Royal Curacao or even Sandals St. Vincent is farther away from the United States and flight prices to more remote island can be more expensive.  So look at flight prices when pricing out the total cost of your sandals vacation.

Sandals Resort Best St. Vincent over the water suites

Managing Crowds

When I go on a vacation I really don’t want to have to sign up for show times, wait in long lines, or deal with crowded tourist areas.  I have been to Sandals Resorts during peak season and also non-peak season.  For me Sandals resorts have never felt crowded like Disney World, or a large cruise ship can feel crowded.  I think it’s because Sandals has so many dining options and the resorts are spread out.  So the resorts don’t feel overrun with people even when they are at capacity.

Now I will say that if you want a set or prime lounge chairs at the popular pool, then yes, you need to get out there before 10 AM and I would say even 8 AM to get your spot.


Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-April

This is a great time of the year to book a Butler Suite.  Your butler will book dining reservations for you, reserve a cabana or spot on the beach for you so you are not up early looking for a chair.  Also the Cabanas are only for butler suites and they come with little extras like a Yetti cooler filled with your favorite drinks, towels, and our butler would come by to get our lunch requests and then go to those restaurants and bring our lunch to our pool cabana.  Let me tell you, it’s nice having a butler at Sandals.

There are deals on Butler Suites too, and they are located here or reach out to me and I can get you a personal quote here.

Off-Peak Season: Late May to September:

Off Peak at Sandals Resorts means lighter crowds and lower prices for rooms.  But again the weather can be more rainy or hurricanes in the Caribbean.  I travel a to Sandals most of the time on off peak season.  Look, I like a great price on my Sandals vacation and I can roll the dice on Hurricanes and have been at Sandals during a hurricane a few times.

Also off peak you can easily get a lounge chair on the beach.
On tip for first time Sandals guest is that you need to look at the restaurants at the resort when you arrive and book your dinner reservations.  This is important to do when you arrive at Sandals because some restaurants will be only open on certain days in off peak periods.  So if you have you heart set to eat at Butches Steak Restaurant look at the flyer in your room and see what days it’s open so you can be sure to book a dining reservation for one of those nights.

Exploring Seasons

Another way to plan the best time to go to a Sandals resort is to look at your vacation dates by what season they fall into.

  • Fall:
    • The advantages of traveling to Sandals in the Fall is a relaxing and budget-friendly getaway.
    • Be aware of hurricane risk, possible flight issues, and tI would recommend travel insurance if you are traveling during the Fall to the Caribbean.
  • Winter:
    • I am a big fan of escaping the winter freeze, and making winter shorter by heading to any Sandals Resort in the Caribbean during the winter season.
    • Of course you will have to pay a higher cost for your Sandals resort room, or maybe pick a lower room category to save a little that ways.  Also don’t forget to check flight prices and be ready for increased crowds.

Next Steps to find the perfect Sandals Vacation

I hope this has helped you with ideas for picking the perfect time to travel for your all inclusive Sandals vacation.  For net steps I have put some links below that will get you the best deals on your Sandals Resort no matter when you want to travel.

Sandals Resort Special Offers

You can also contact me and I am happy to help.  There is no fee or charge when working with me and I have a team of “Pixies” that have been to Sandals and Beaches Resorts and can get you set up with the perfect vacation.  I just need more details about you here on this quick quote form and then I can get you several Sandals vacation options.