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Your Complete Guide to Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts Complete Guide – What’s Included

If you are in the planning stages for an Sandals Resorts all inclusive adult-only Caribbean vacation, I have a free Sandals Resorts Complete Travel Guide for you.  It’s no secret that I LOVE Sandals Resorts and with 18 resorts in the Caribbean it can be difficult to figure out which Sandals Resort to book.

In this Complete Guide I am going to focus my Insider Tips from my Sandals Resort experiences.  This way you can make an informed decision about Sandals and also get some great insider tips for your Sandals Vacation, Wedding, or Honeymoon.

If you want to jump right to my article about the Best Sandals Resorts you can of course do that too.  If you are looking for current Sandals Special Offers, jump over here for this week Sandals 777 deals.





Cats at Sandals Resorts

Key Takeaways


What’s included in a Sandals Vacation?  

When Sandals says all inclusive, they mean it.  They cover pretty much everything form airport transfers to and from the resort, room, dining, drinks, entertainment, water and land sports, you get the idea.<

How Many Sandals Resorts are there?

There are 18 Sandals Resorts and I have ranked and reviewed them.


I love Sandals Resorts and have been to all of the resorts many times so I can bring you updates and insider tips.

I also keep up with the current Sandals Resort Special offers and deals.  I would love to help you book your Sandals Resort vacation and here is a link to all the current Sandals Resort Special Offers.

Also my kids beg me to go back every year to Beaches Resorts, and Beaches Turks and Caicos is our family favorite.  I would love to help you book your Beaches Vacation and you can use this link here for the current Beaches Resort Special Offers.

If you would like help one-on-one with your Sandals Resort or Beaches Resort vacation I am happy to help you and get you a free vacation quote.  I just need more details about your vacation and then I can get you several options that fit your vacation style.

What’s Included In Every Sandals & Beaches Resort Package?

Let’s start with the basics.  Every Sandals Resort and also Beaches Resort vacation package comes with these all inclusive amenities.  Sandals really offers so much and I wanted to find an easy way to list all this out to make is easy to see the value.  Because I want to be up front and tell you Sandals Vacations are not cheap, but they are All-Inclusive, and I really mean All-Inclusive.  So when you add all this up you see Exactly what you are getting for your hard earned vacation dollars.

Sandals Airport Transfers

Direct Roundtrip Airport Transfers

This is really nice because resorts on these 18 Caribbean Islands can be a ways away from the airport.  I also have a list of Sandals Resorts that are like 10 minutes from the airport too, so if you want a quick transfer I’ll tell you about those Sandals Resorts later on in this guide.

It can be expensive getting a 30 minute, 60 minute or even longer ride from the airport to your resort hotel.  Sandals includes these transfers to and from your Sandals Resort in your vacation package.  That’s a large expense you don’t have to worry about.

Insider Tip:  The Jamaica and St. Lucia airports have an Exclusive Sandals Resort Arrival Welcome Lounge

Luxury Tip:  When you book certain luxury room categories you get a Private Luxury Transfer option included.  I have a chart in this guide with the Luxury Transfer Options.

Bonus Luxury Tip:  Want to get right to your resort in style?  I can book a helicopter for you for most Sandals Resorts.

Tipping at Sandals Resorts

Tipping and Gratuities at Sandals Resorts

All Tips are already included in your Sandals Resort vacation.  There is even a No Tipping Policy.  Let me explain because some Sandals Resorts have Butlers.  Yeah you actually get a butler.  Now you CAN Tip your Butler and also the Spa Staff (Red Lane Spa) therapists can accept tips.  But besides that I just leave my wallet in my room safe when I check in.

Insider Tip:  You will meet NON-Sandals employees on the island during your vacation, so be sure to bring $1, $5, $10 to tip in these instances.  For example:  Airport Ports, Airport shuttle drivers accept tips.  If you take an island excursion, those guides also accept tips.


Royal Curacao Sandals Deal

Room Accommodations

There are so many different room categories at Sandals Resorts.  It’s pretty crazy.  It’s also really important to understand what you are booking, as some room categories are great deals but might be older more traditional dark wood, Caribbean style rooms that have not been updated, all the way up to over the water bungalows with your own butler.  So you can book pretty much a room for any budget.

Insider Tip:  You get the same on resort property amenities no matter what room category you book.  So if you do book an entry level category room you still can go to all the restaurants, activities, bars etc.  But you are paying to fly to a Caribbean island, taking time off from work, and looking for an amazing vacation, so I would also splurge and look at some of the well appointed room accommodations like the Club Sandals Level Rooms at any of the 18 Sandals Resorts.  If you are going to Beaches, Look at the Concierge Level Rooms for Beaches Resorts.  There are also Luxurious suites with Butler service at both Sandals and Beaches, and amazing over the water bungalows in Jamaica and St. Lucia at Sandals.


Sandals Dining Soy Exuma Emerald Bay

All Dining is Included

Dining adds up so fast and this is one thing I really appreciate at Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  If you want to try two different entrees, or have two desserts, why not!  All dining is included.  I have gone to Sushi for Apps, then Butches Steak house for dinner and then the cafe for dessert and also came back to my room and had late night snacks waiting from my butler.  Now that’s the life.  When you start adding all that up you quickly see the value of Sandals.

Look, I’m cheap.  But I appreciate a good value.  I’ll spend money on something that is worth it.  That’s what I love about Sandals Resorts.  It’s a fantastic vacation experience, great staff, consistent brand across all 18 resorts, fantastic food, and beautiful beaches all for an all inclusive price.

Insider Tip:  If you have dietary restrictions please let me know when you send me your Vacation details and I can help you there too.


Drinks included at Sandals Resorts

Drinks are Included

If you like premium brand liquors, craft beers, or even non alcoholic specialty mocktails and blue mountain coffee, Sandals Resorts has you covered. You will find me at one of the many swim up bars.  I don’t really drink that much so it’s nice to experiment with different cocktails and if I don’t like one, I just order something else. It ‘s included.  Also at Beaches Resorts my kids are not pulling on me all day for money to buy stuff.  They just go order whatever they want and it’s included.

I do enjoy a nice glass of wine at dinner and Sandals has a partnership with Robert Mondavi and has 6 different wines to choose from.

Also it’s not like you can’t find a place to order a drink.  There are up to 15 bars per Sandals resort.

Insider Tip:  All the ladies love this drink called the Humming Bird.  It’s pink.  I have not idea what’s in it.  I just know everyone sends me photos of them with their humming bird in the pool when they arrive at Sandals or Beaches.  So get a Humming Bird and let me know what you think.

Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee

I’m a coffee snob.  If you are looking for a nice breakfast Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee Blend.  Every Sandals and Beaches Resort have Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  I usually start my day with a cup or two in my room and then grab some at breakfast too.


Sandals Piano Bar entertainment

Nightly Entertainment

There is always something going on at your Sandals Resort and Beaches Resorts too.  There will be a daily guide in your room with what’s happening around the resort.  There are live shows at night, themed party nights, and lots of local entertainment.

Look, these are not broadway shows.  These are local, high energy, happy and engaging people putting together different entertaining shows.  Some of my favorites are the steeel drum performances at the Jamaica Sandals and Beaches Resorts (Blue Birds).  They are amazing.

Your kids will love the Sesame Street Characters / Shows at Beaches Resorts.  There is also an All White Party that is not to be missed and local Festivals and beach parties with fire eaters, dancers, and much more.

Insider Tip:  Pack something for the All White Party.  Ideally it’s white.  Also check the event schedule when you arrive so you know what night the All White Party is held.


Unlimited Land Sports

What does that even mean?  Let me break it down for you.  There is Tennis, Billiards, that pool for the rest of us, Ping Pong, AKA Table Tennis, Shuffleboard, Beach Volleyball and more.

There is also a fitness center.  I should go, but i never do, but I always tour the fitness center and they are nice.  They have Life Fitness and Techno Gym Equipment in there.  They also have cardio equipment like Ellipticals and stair climbers.  Ther eare free weights and exercise bikes too and of course treadmills.

But really you are on a Caribbean island with an amazing beach and resort so just getting outside and walking or running is perfect.

There are also fun Aqua-fit classes in the pool.  Even my kids did these at Beaches Turks and Caicos.



Snorkeling at Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts included

Unlimited Water Sports

It’s not often I go sailing or paddle boarding because I don’t want to pay to rent these.  But at Sandals Resorts these are included.  Want to try windsurfing, they have that too.  If you don’t feel up to sailing on your own, they will take you out so you can just sit and enjoy the ride.  Also water sports comes with instruction so that’s great.  Waterskiing is also available but just at select resorts.  Please contact me for waterskiing updates.


Sandals Scuba Program Class

Scuba Diving Included

I am creating a full guide just on scuba diving at Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts.  But for now, you just need to know it’s included.  If you are not certified you can take a Discover Scuba Class ($140 currently) and that will get you one dive.  If you want to do your certification you can take that too at Sandals.  There is a great deal to know about scuba at Sandals so please check out my full course on Sandals Scuba.


Red Lane Spa

Sandals and Beaches Resort has Spas.  Red Lane Spa is at each resort and offers signature spa treatments.  The Spa services of course have a charge, but the meditation gardens, aroma infused lounges, saunas and steam rooms, hot and cold plunge pools and rain showers are complimentary.  I can pre book any spa services you like to make sure you get the treatment and time slots you are looking for.


Sandals and Beaches Included Private Luxury Transfers

Jamaica (MBJ Airport Only)
Jamaica (MBJ Airport Only)
Bahamas (Nassau)
St, Lucia
Turks & Caicos
Sandals Royal Caribbean
Sandals Montego Bay
Sandals South Coast
Sandals Royal Barbados
Sandals Royal Bahamian
Sandals Grand St. Lucian
Beaches Turks & Caicos
OWV* OWB* Included for Club Elite & Butler Elite Categories. BT, WBT - PH, OR, WGBT, GBT, HGBT, GR, 1B, RS, HWGBT, HRS, WS, RW
Included for Club Elite & Butler Elite Categories. WGBT, SLX - SM1B, OWT, OBT, UB, 1B, BB, HSB1B, OL1B, RJ, M1, HB1B, B1B, OSS, S1B
BSKY*, B1PP*, B1B*, RPP*, SM1B*, M1B*
TWP, PP, G2, M2P, FWP, MP, NP, IS, P2, 4VP, 4VO, 4VB, 3VO, 3KB, 2BO
BMW 7 Series (OWV* OWB*) BMW 5 Series (All Others)
BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series
Rolls Royce Ghost or Cadillac Escalade
Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Ghost (ZSS, PWS, WWS, BW)
BMW 5 Series or Lexus
Cadillac Escalade or Suburban

* VIP Arrival Service: Personalized plane side meet & greet. Assistance with completion of immigration & custom form, escorts & fast tracking through immigration & customs, assistance with luggage retrieval, and coordination of the private car transfer.</p> <p>Note: information and car models subject to change without notice.

All Inclusive

I hope this complete list for Sandals inclusions gives you a good feel for what’s included in a Sandals vacation.  I know the price for a Sandals trip can be overwhelming, but I think it’s a great value and top notch service.  I know I have been on may trips where I booked on price and then came home with an additional bill well into the thousands of dollars at times.  I’m just saying be sure to compare apples to apples before booking a vacation and using your work vacation time.


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