Destination Wedding Statistics 

I have put together the current Destination Wedding and Honeymoon statistics.  Please feel free to use these and link to this in your media and press articles.  Updated March 2024.


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Wedding USA Statistic

  • There were 2.24 million wedding in 2023
  • Average cost of a US wedding is $28,000 to $35,000
  • Approximately 25% are Destination Weddings
  • October is the most popular Wedding month

Why choose a Destination Wedding?

  • Cost Savings
  • Time with loved ones
  • Built in Vacation and Honeymoon
  • Memorable Experiences

Insider Tip: A normal stateside wedding you only get a few minutes with each person at the wedding.  A wedding week at a destination wedding allows you to spend quality time together with your family and guests.  Cocktail receptions, girls spa day, golf or scuba outing, receptions and more.

Average Destination Wedding Statistics

  • Average Age 33 years old
  • Household income $110k
  • College Educated
  • Diverse Ethnicity
  • Incorporate cultural and traditional influences

Average Airfare

$875 – $2,000

Average Number of Guests

Average Destination Wedding has 50 guests


Top Destinations

  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Bahamas


Destination Wedding Package Average Costs

$5,550 Compared to $30,000 US (Venue, Food and Beverage, Wedding Cake)

2024 – 2025 Destination Wedding Trends

  • Exciting Entertainment
  • Au Natural Décor
  • Eco Conscious Celebrations
  • Local Cuisine

Research and Planning for a Destination Wedding

  • 90% planning for a destination wedding is done online
  • 44% plan on mobile devices
  • 40% begin planning within 1 month of engagement

Honeymoons Industry Statistics

  • 12 billion dollars a year industry
  • 99% of couples take a honeymoon
  • 75% will depart within the first week
  • Luxury Honeymoon spend is $9,950
  • 60% will travel internationally

Weddings on Social Media Statistics

  • 90% of couples announce their engagement on social media with a few hours
  • 70% of Brides use Pinterest for inspiration
  • 74% create a wedding website
  • 53% set up a wedding hashtag
  • Social Media


What is the Average Cost of a Honeymoon?

Even more statistics on Honeymoons.

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