What Is The Best Sandals Resort for a Dreamy Honeymoon?


Planning your honeymoon is one of the most exciting things you will get to do when it comes to wedding arrangements. With so many options at your disposal, you will have fun browsing dreamy destinations and finding a heavenly place to celebrate your new beginnings. And, if you want the best, you will need to consider looking at the outstanding Sandals Resorts. However, taking into account that there are many of them, you will start questioning what is the best Sandals resort and which one you should pick.


That is where the tricky part comes in! The Sandals chain has hotels in multiple locations, each of them unique in its own right, so it is not surprising that couples have a hard time choosing the perfect one. Every Sandals Resort is located in a spectacular area and comes with plenty of irresistible amenities. 


Trying to pick the right one can certainly overwhelm you, so I came up with a guide that will, hopefully, help you out. I have made a selection of the best Sandals resorts for a honeymoon due to their features and surroundings. Going through the list will at least help you narrow down your choices so you can make the right decision. Let’s see what the greatest resort chain can offer you for the most romantic trip of your life! 



Key Takeaways

Let me give you some quick takeaways that will help you with your Sandals Vacation or Honeymoon.  First, I have been to almost every Sandals Resort and I am literally writing this article at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica.  So yea, I love Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  I know each of the 18 Sandals Resorts are different and I spend all year going to them to keep up with what has changed and what’s new.  I am happy to help you and there is NO Additional Cost to you.  I have the latest and best Sandals Special Offers, and again my service is completely complimentary and I book everything for your Sandals stay.


Steve Griswold Sandals South Coast O'Brian General Manager

I’m here at Sandals South Coast, with funny Palm Tree hair, having a great time with the GM, O’Brian.

Cheapest Sandals Resort

– Sandals Ocho Rios is the most affordable option in most cases.  It is located in Jamaica, about an hour and a half from Montego Bay.  This is a great choice for a newlywed couple on a budget looking for a tropical destination honeymoon or wedding.

Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica

– Sandals South Coast.  This resort has been my favorite for over 10 years in Jamaica now.  But again all Sandals Jamaica Resorts are very popular.  I love the location in White House Jamaica with an expansive white sand beach with nobody and no resorts around.  You are truly out on your own here.  But if a quite resort is not your thing, this might not be a good fit for you.

Top Sandals Resorts for an Unforgettable Honeymoon Adventure 


When you start wondering what is the best Sandals resort for your honeymoon, first determine what you want out of your trip. Decide what kind of surroundings you want and what services you need so your trip goes marvelously as you deserve. It goes without saying that Sandals hotels offer the best, but picking out one will definitely be challenging. That is why establishing your priorities and preferences will help. 

Best Sandals for Honeymoon Listed

Here, I have compiled a list of the most iconic places where you can experience a Sandals resort honeymoon, carefully selected to meet the varied needs of different couples. Whatever you choose will not disappoint you, but make sure it is exactly the place you have imagined for your special celebratory trip. 

Sandals Regency La Toc, St. Lucia, Caribbean - All-Inclusive Adult-only

Sandals La Toc, Castries, St. Lucia

Sandals La Toc is at the top of the list of Sandals resorts for couples because it is found on one of the most miraculous islands in the world. St. Lucia is known for its paradise-like features and spectacular surroundings, which leave visitors in awe. In fact, this spot has breathtaking views of the Caribbean that create the romantic ambiance that couples need on their honeymoon. 


Besides the fascinating scenery, Sandals La Toc offers the most luxurious amenities for its guests. Among the greatest ones are the Millionaire Suites, which provide butler services. If you want to spend your honeymoon with a royal treatment, then you have just found your ideal spot. The personalized services offered by the resort are what couples need when they celebrate their marriage. In short, it is the best way to begin a new chapter of life and continue the festivities of the wedding. 


However, the luxurious service and the scenery are not the only features found in Sandals La Toc. Namely, hotel guests have access to the Sandals St. Lucia Golf & Country Club, a haven for lovers of the sport. The expansive court is everything golf enthusiasts dream of, and it offers a great chance for couples to make their honeymoon activities versatile. But, if you are more into adventurous sports, you can opt for scuba diving. The island is a perfect spot to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean and have unforgettable experiences. 


Sandals La Toc is enriched with modern and luxurious rooms, so you can count on fabulous accommodation even if you do not opt for the Millionaire Suites. Plus, the staff is extremely hospitable and friendly, meaning they will do everything to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. 


Moreover, couples who want a more relaxing Sandals resort honeymoon will have the chance to spend their days alongside the numerous pools around the resort. Each of them comes with special features, such as a swim-up bar accompanied by a gorgeous waterfall. Nonetheless, the pools do not only offer delightful beverages. You will also have the chance to play trivia, volleyball, and bingo. In other words, you will never get bored! But there are also secluded pools that come with private surroundings to give you the intimacy you desire for your romantic escapade. 


Those who prefer the beach can have enjoyable days on the shore. Sandals La Toc beach is not expensive but it is magnificent and intimate – an ideal setting for couples. You can spend your time swimming and sunbathing and simply enjoying the heavenly setting that Sandals has created just for you and your romantic getaways. 


Lastly, I should not forget to mention the sophisticated restaurants that offer some of the tastiest dishes you will ever try. Fine dining is taken to another level in Sandals La Toc, so expect to be amazed. Plus, the food selection is unparalleled, meaning you are in for a real treat. 


When trying to figure out what is the best Sandals resort for your honeymoon, remember to put this resort high on the list. It is worth visiting, and you will never regret your decision! 

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over the water bungalows St Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Gros Islet, St. Lucia


Sandals Grande St. Lucian is another favorite among the Sandals Resorts located in St. Lucia. The island is known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so it is not surprising that it is a number one honeymoon destination. It offers the most dramatic panoramic views and breathtaking scenery, which is ideal for couples who want a special ambiance for their big trip. 


However, Gros Islet is found in the north part of the island, which is one of the most picturesque parts and one of the least accessible ones. This means the road to this all-inclusive Sandals resort is not easily reachable and involves rough roads. If you want to escape the not-so-pleasant transfer, you can opt for a helicopter ride and avoid the challenging paths to the hotel. By doing so, you will reach your resort more easily and quickly. 


Once you enter Sandals Grande and see what you are in for, you will understand that going through the roads less traveled is completely worth it. The whole scenery will capture your body and soul, and you will feel as if you are in paradise. The volcanic mountains, along with lush forests and jungles, will make your stay magical. When your trip goal is the ultimate relaxation, this is where you get it! Plus, the intimacy the resort offers is unparalleled, which is exactly what couples want during their romantic travels. 


Besides the heavenly views of the resort, Gros Islet is a place where you will get to see magnificent yachts and sailboats. The beach of Sandals Grande is one of the most astonishing ones on the island, and this sight of boats contributes to the calmness it creates. You cannot ask for better views during a honeymoon adventure! 


Once you enter the hotel, its magnificence will take you over. From the first entrance to the lobby, you will feel the luxury and sophistication the resort offers. Sandals Grande is known for its majestic designs, luxurious rooms, and, most importantly – friendly and hospitable staff. From the very beginning, they will make you feel welcome and ensure your needs are all catered to. When you want to have a stress-free honeymoon with royal services, this is the right place to go! 


In addition, this Sandals resort for couples has a spectacular selection of restaurants. Sandals Grande is home to the finest restaurant choices, meaning you will have the chance to experience fine dining with the best possible services. You can pick from twelve different restaurants, each boasting sensational menus that enliven your passion during your getaway. Nonetheless, do not miss Gordons on The Pier. Its chef is dedicated to creating the most authentic meals while making sure each guest’s needs are fulfilled. Even if you have distinct eating habits and need special meals, the culinary team will make it happen for you. That is, the chef can create a personalized plan for you, so you do not have to worry about your food preferences. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or a person with food allergies, you will be well taken care of because the staff will go above and beyond to make you happy and satisfied. 


When it comes to spending unforgettable times during your honeymoon, you have a wide array of options. First, the beach is majestic with gorgeous surroundings, ideal for long and lazy days under the Caribbean sun. Plus, this is an area with fascinating fish and corals, so it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 


On the other hand, Sandals Grande has a great selection of pools as well. Those who are not fans of the beach can enjoy the swim-up bar in the main pool and meet people from all around the world. This is the most vibrant place in the resort, making it an ideal spot for making some new friends. 


If you are interested in more adventurous activities, the resort offers a variety of sports, such as kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. When your idea of a honeymoon is time spent doing different kinds of activities, you will not regret choosing Sandals Grande St. Lucian! Nonetheless, suppose you are looking for the ultimate relaxation. In that case, the resort is also home to The Red Lane Spa, which is known for rejuvenating spa treatments and glorious services that can make your stay absolutely relaxing and unforgettable. 


As you can see, numerous amenities will make your honeymoon as dreamy as you desire. But, the resort is also close to other Sandals hotels, meaning you will get the chance to visit them as well and enjoy their services. When you are a guest of Sandals Grande, you have access to Sandals Halcyon Beach and Sandals Regency La Toc. This means that you can also go for short visits and opt for the amenities of these resorts as well. No wonder why this is famed as the best Sandals resort for a honeymoon! 

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Sandals South Coast Jamaica

Sandals South Coast, Whitehouse, Jamaica


Jamaica is quite a popular destination for romantic getaways due to its majestic scenery and wondrous beaches. The setting is ideal for marking your new beginnings, so staying in Sandals South Coast Resort would be a wonderful idea for your celebratory trip.


This all-inclusive Sandals resort encompasses modern amenities and designs that give the whole hotel a heavenly appeal. The whole property is romantically decorated, so it is not surprising that many couples choose it as a honeymoon nest. The hotel features heart-shaped bungalows placed over the water. It is certainly one of the most unique resorts found in Jamaica. So, if authenticity is the goal for your honeymoon, you have just found your destination. 


However, Sandals South Coast’s uniqueness does not stop with its design and decor. The hotel offers the finest restaurants, serving delightful food from Asian, Mediterranean, and French cuisines. Genuine hedonists will enjoy the authenticity of these restaurants’ dishes. 


For the more adventurous souls, Sandals South Coast provides a versatile set of activities that will keep you away from boredom. If you are not a fan of just swimming and sunbathing on the beach, then you can take part in fun land sports, such as volleyball, or thrilling water sports, like scuba diving or snorkeling. 


The resort has a spa center as well. The Red Lane Spa is a fantastic place for pampering and true relaxation. There are many treatments at your disposal, so you can surely find something that will help you revitalize and restore your energy after all the stressful wedding planning. Do not miss out on the opportunity to book a lavender scalp massage! It is a spa treatment you cannot experience elsewhere.


Moreover, this Sandals resort for couples has one of the largest pools in Jamaica, meaning you will have the opportunity to enjoy an uncommon luxurious amenity. Plus, the pool comes with a gorgeous swim-up bar, which will give you the chance to refresh with some delightful beverages during the hot days. 


When it comes to rooms, the hotel prides itself on expansive accommodation with modern and luxurious features. You will feel comfortable, and the staff will make sure that you have everything you need. Everyone at the hotel is extremely helpful and hospitable, so they will ensure you enjoy your honeymoon. 


If you are looking for a unique romantic trip, Sandals South Coast can be the place of your dreams. The features it offers are unparalleled, and once you get there, you will be in for a real treat! 

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Sandals Negril honeymoon suites

Sandals Negril, Jamaica 


Since I already mentioned Jamaica as an amazing honeymoon destination, I should unveil another gem it holds – The Sandals Negril Resort. This is a hotel tailored for newlyweds and their needs. The lavish designs and decor of the resort will make you feel like you are in a different world. When you want outstanding accommodation for your romantic getaway, this is where you should go! 


Sandals Negril is characterized by astonishing rooms with butler service and rooftop pools. Your honeymoon is one of the most special trips you will ever experience, so you may want to opt for something this sophisticated. 


Besides the gorgeous ambiance of the Sandals resort for couples, couples also enjoy it because of the friendly and hospitable staff. They will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and ensure you make the most out of your trip. In short, they will provide the royal treatment and make you feel amazing from the moment you step inside. 


In addition, Sandals Negril includes outstanding dining options, meaning you will have the opportunity to taste worldly dishes and enjoy food prepared according to the highest standards. Their Global Dining options will allow you to eat differently every day and try a new delicacy during each course. Romance and food go hand in hand, so this is a feature you need on your honeymoon! 


When it comes to ultimate relaxation, I should not forget to mention the divine paradise-like beach. It is amazing for sunbathing and swimming, but also romantic strolls at sunset. Those who enjoy walks will love this beach because it is quite long, and the surroundings are stunning. Even if you are not a fan of recreational walks, I encourage you to spend an evening along the shore of this striking beach. You will adore the scenery and the smell of the sea. There is no better therapy than a walk on a beach. Plus, it is quite a romantic activity, so you and your partner will truly relax and enjoy it!


Lastly, you do not have to worry about entertainment because Sandals Negril comes with a lot of fun activities both during the day and at night. You will always be energized because there is always something for every taste. The night entertainment is quite special, with a lot of performances that will keep you amused and in good spirits! 


If you are thinking about Jamaica as your honeymoon destination, you will not regret choosing it. And, if you are trying to figure out what is the best Sandals resort for your romantic trip, this is one of the greatest options at your disposal. 

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Butler Suite Sandals Bahamas

Sandals Royal Bahamian, Bahamas 


Sandals Royal Bahamian is another amazing honeymoon option. It is located on a private island and offers an extraordinary experience for couples. Plus, this is the closest Sandals Resort to the US, so if you want to avoid traveling for long hours, this is the one you should choose.


Sandals Royal Bahamian is one of the resorts with regal features. It is characterized by lavish ceilings and fabulous chandeliers, and the entire decor is simply gorgeous. It comes with renovated spacious rooms with modern designs and amenities. Staying there will give you the feeling of being in a different world. What is more, the staff will make sure you feel comfortable and treat you as royalty. In other words, nothing will be amiss during your most romantic journey! 


Moreover, this Sandals resort for couples has 13 restaurants at your disposal, meaning there are so many options for fine dining. You will have the opportunity to try dishes and delicacies from different cuisines, so your vacation can really be versatile. Also, after the renovation, Sandals Royal Bahamian encompasses three new food trucks, so you will have options for some quick bites as well. The hotel is designed to fit everyone’s preferences, so you will absolutely find the things you like there. 


When it comes to entertainment at the resort, there are numerous different options. If you are leaning towards relaxing activities, you can certainly spend your time on the beach or at one of the seven large pools the hotel offers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more active vacation, then you can opt for activities such as scuba diving, sailing, or kayaking. I strongly recommend scuba diving because Sandals Royal Bahamian is one of the resorts offering the best water sports conditions. Plus, the Bahamas are known for a versatile underwater world you would want to see. 


What is more, the resort includes its own private island, which can add a dose of magic to your honeymoon. It is only accessed by a boat, so prepare for a real tropical adventure. This gives you the chance to spend your days in a private and intimate setting and enjoy the island’s beauty in tranquility and without the crowds. 


If you want to add special features to your romantic escapade, you can sign up for butler services and give yourself the treatment you deserve on such a special journey. Even though you have to pay a little extra for these services, you will see that it is definitely worth the money! 


When it comes to night entertainment, you can count on several bars that come with extraordinary settings and tantalizing beverages. Your nights can be truly magical with some good music and a cozy atmosphere. However, if you want something more relaxing, you can also consider spending time around the fire pits found in the resort. This is a great way to enjoy your evenings but also make some new friends. 


And you do not have to worry about staying in shape during your honeymoon since Sandals Royal Bahamian has one of the best gyms with state-of-the-art machines and breathtaking views. It is located on the top floor of the resort. 


When you are trying to find out what is the best Sandals resort, take into account these features and you will have your answer. Sandals Royal Bahamian is one of the most popular resorts, and it has all the amenities you can imagine. If you want to have everything included in your honeymoon vacation, this is the place to choose! 

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Barbados Sandals Resort

Sandals Barbados, Barbados



Sandals Barbados is the latest addition to the Sandal Resorts family, so it comes with modern features and the greatest amenities you will ever desire for your honeymoon. It is a boutique-designed resort, so it is quite different from the other Sandals hotels. After the renovations, the resort got an absolutely unique appeal, and each new feature that was added was according to the highest standards. 


Today, Sandals Barbados is known for exceptional rooms with gorgeous and convenient amenities. There are multiple restaurants where you can taste exceptional dishes from all around the world, and each of them is uniquely furnished. This means that you will not only enjoy delightful meals but also experience their fabulous surroundings. 


Nonetheless, these features are not the only things that the all-inclusive Sandals resort has to offer. Namely, the beach is just in front of the resort, so you are only a few steps away from the paradise-like ambiance Barbados offers. There are numerous beach lounges, meaning you can relax any time you want. But, if you want a change of the surroundings, you can always opt for some of the fascinating pools the hotel includes on its property.


When you want to take a break from all that relaxation, you can opt for some activities that Sandals Barbados has at your disposal. That is, you can pick some water sports available at the resort, such as kayaking, snorkeling, or sailing. 


When it comes to nightlife, you can spend your evenings in some of the exotic bars located in different spots around the resort. However, if you want something more unique, you can head for the St. Lawrence Gap, which is quite close to the resort. There, you can find many exceptional places with rich nightlife. But, there are also many restaurants and shops, so if you strive for some shopping during your honeymoon, this is where you can do that! 


Sandals Barbados is also close to the newest addition to the resort chain. Sandals Royal is the most sophisticated part of the family that boasts majestic surroundings along with amazing restaurants, bars, and pools. If you want to change your surroundings for a bit, head for Sandals Royal Barbados and explore the area. 


Each Sandals resort is authentic on its own, so you may want to see something distinct and spectacular. You will have fun enjoying the amenities they have there, and you never know, you may just find the resort you want for your next vacation!

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Sandals Grande Antigua, Antigua 



This Sandals resort for couples is actually recognized as one of the most romantic places in the world having received the World’s Most Romantic Resort award several times. This award is proof that the hotel is tailored for honeymoon adventures, so you will not make a mistake if you choose it for your romantic getaway after the wedding! 


Sandals Grande Antigua is a stunning property located in northwest Antigua on the gorgeous coastline of Dickenson Bay. When wondering what is the best Sandals resort for a honeymoon trip, this is your answer! This all-inclusive resort offers everything in one place. Starting from breathtaking surroundings to luxurious amenities and exceptional services, Sandals Grande Antigua will make you feel like you are in paradise! 


One of the greatest features of the resort is that you get to choose the type of accommodation you want. Since there are several kinds of rooms where you can stay, it means that you have the opportunity to pick your own heavenly ambiance. There are cottages on the beachfront of the Caribbean Grove which offer striking scenery. The other option is a suite situated in the Mediterranean Village with pool views. Whatever type of room you choose for your stay, you will not make a mistake because each of them is equipped with luxurious furniture and exquisite amenities.  


Besides the luxurious accommodation it offers, Sandals Grande Antigua is home to eleven restaurants and seven bars, so the experience is phenomenal. They serve everything, meaning there is something for every taste. The chefs prepare dishes from different types of cuisine, so expect to find everything from pizza to sushi. Whatever you crave at the moment, you can have it in a restaurant a few steps away from you. 


To take pampering to the next level, choose a spa treatment and enjoy a massage in a relaxing ambiance. You can even sign up for a body scrub and give your skin the refreshment it needs. Sandals Grande Antigua is designed for the ultimate relaxing and luxurious experience, so whatever you need, you can find it there.


The whole property of this best Sandals resort for a honeymoon is abundant with lush greenery, and the beach is quite pleasant, but it is not very big. If you want to get active during your voyage, you can sign up for some water sports. There are plenty of options, so you can do something different every day. Opt for some scuba diving lessons to explore the underwater world of Antigua. There are magnificent spots where you can see wonderful fish. 


When it comes to your evenings, you can take advantage of the multiple bars that are located in the resort. You can try heavenly cocktails and enjoy your nights under the starry sky. There are also fire pits around the resort, so if you are in the mood to meet some new people, you may want to try them.

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Best Sandals Resort Barbados

Sandals Royal Barbados, Oistins, Barbados 



Since I already mentioned Sandals Barbados, it is worth mentioning Sandals Royal Barbados as well. This is a recent addition to the family of resorts, and it is equally unique as all of the others. It is one of the most popular choices among newlyweds because of its fascinating location. The St. Lawrence Gap is a hub of shops and nightlife, and young couples want options for a fun time during their honeymoon. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is often the chosen location. 


However, there is one more reason why this particular resort is so popular. Since it is a recent addition to the Sandals Resorts chain, it encompasses many features you cannot find in other hotels. For instance, the resort includes a bowling alley, a donut shop, a swimming pool located on a rooftop, and two new restaurant concepts. These amenities, along with the scenic landscapes of Barbados, make the resort quite attractive, especially to couples. 


Moreover, Sandals Royal Barbados features Millionaire Suites, which newlyweds also find intriguing. Everyone wants to enjoy luxurious surroundings, so it is no wonder that the resort has become a popular choice quickly. 


Nonetheless, the luxurious features and amenities are not the only things that make Sandals Royal Barbados special. The staff is devoted to making honeymoon trips unforgettable, and they go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel comfortable at all times. So, whatever you may need, they will be at your disposal to help you. When we talk about luxurious services, hospitality is a priority, and this resort certainly has it covered! 


The experience of your stay in the hotel will be enhanced with the fine selection of food. You will be able to try quite diverse dishes that come from all around the world. The stay in Barbados is worldly because it has influences from all around the globe, and they start with the diversity of the meals. Even if you are the pickiest eater, you will be amazed by the menu this resort offers guests. 


And, if you want to take your luxurious stay to the next level, opt for luxurious butler services. Sandals resorts are known for these services, so it would be worth giving them a try, especially when you are on your honeymoon. You will get the royal treatment with rides in a Rolls Royce, and you will absolutely love it!


I should not forget to mention that the Sandals Royal Barbados offers a fine selection of craft beers. Beer lovers will never get enough of the choices the resort has at the disposal of the guests. Lovers Lane is a bar with many offerings from all around the world. 


How to Pick The Best Sandals Resort for Your Honeymoon? 


With so many excellent options, there is not a single answer when it comes to the best Sandals resort for a honeymoon. When you look at these luxurious hotels, you can easily get overwhelmed and find it difficult to decide. However, looking at particular factors that can make a difference might help you come to the best conclusion. Now that you have the list of the best ones, your choices are narrowed down, meaning it will be easier to pick one. 


The best thing you can do is to set your priorities and preferences for your honeymoon vacation. Knowing precisely what you want lets you pick the right resort more easily. So, consider the factors below when choosing your honeymoon Sandals resort. 


Set Your Honeymoon Budget 


Once you have figured out how much you can spend for your honeymoon, you can find the Sandals resort that suits you best. Some of them can be really expensive, and your budget might not be able to cover them. However, when you know which ones you can afford, your choices will be even more narrowed down, and you will make your decision quickly. 

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Check Sandals Resorts Ratings and The Reviews 


If you have found several resorts with the needed features, your dilemma can strike again. When this happens, you may find ratings helpful. Once you see how people have graded a certain resort and what they have said about it, you will be more sure about your decision. Even though people have different preferences, you can see more clearly what others think of the resort you are considering in the reviews. 


See Which Sandals Resorts Are The Closest to You 


There are Sandals resorts all over the Caribbean, so when you decide to spend your honeymoon in one of them, the location can play an essential role in your decision. Some destinations may not be easy to reach from your country. That is, you may need to travel for long hours, change several planes, and have long layovers to get to your final traveling point. Some people do not mind these things, but they considerably affect convenience. If you want to avoid all that, it will be wise to see which Sandals resort is closest to you or is easily reached. 


Trying to figure out what is the best Sandals resort for your honeymoon can be a challenging task. However, when you know what you want for your romantic getaway, you can easily pick one and have the vacation of your dreams. Now you have the best ones listed here, so it is up to you to choose one and enjoy your adventure to the fullest!

Start Planning Your Sandals Vacation Today!

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